Our Philosophy:
Whether you are an expert web site developer or a novice web site builder, PureService Hosting believes that the process of launching web sites should be easy and trouble-free. We make it easy for the customer to choose the web-hosting package and building tools that best suits his needs. We make it easy for the customer to purchase the chosen package, and we make it easy for the customer to launch and update his web site.
  George O. Will "I just wanted to thank you all for having such a great service. Your customer support in the early stages made it possible for me to get my site published. You have made my little website affordable for me. My site has been important to me as I develop my little speciality business. Thank you again - your name of Hosting for Every Web Site holds true"  


  10.1.2004  This week, PureService introduced its Server Management Suite 4.5. The product automates management of initial deployment and provisioning, inventory discovery and reporting, performance and availability monitoring, and patch management.  

Phenomenal Growth: We believe our tools and resources speak for themselves, but if the customer needs a little help, our knowledgeable support team is ready to answer customer questions quickly and accurately. At PureService Hosting, you will have all the free resources you need to launch your web site with style. You can even operate a commercial web site, or display affiliate advertising if you wish. PureService Hosting has enjoyed phenomenal growth in the web hosting industry and is an acknowledged leader in the field.

Corporate Background: PureService Hosting has established a reputation of providing high-quality hosting solutions to businesses and individuals seeking solutions to a wide variety of needs. While most hosting companies market "99.9% uptime" standards, PureService Hosting continually delivers in excess of this requirement.

  Dr. Don guy "Your service is great - thanks, PureService for all you've done!"
Danny R. "Your service is by far the most cost effective webhosting plan I have ever signed up with. PureService is by far the best hosting company for my needs."
Marry"Many thanks to Abe and all of the PureService team. Awesome, awesome service!!!!"
  5.21.2004   A new friendlier control panel interface, will from today be included with all our new CPanel web hosting accounts. This includes all of our Business and Ecommerce web hosting accounts. The new interface not only sports a new look, but also includes the ability for the customer to select from a range of themes, colours and layouts for their control panel.  
  Your web site expands: As your web site expands, you may desire more 'frills' - extra databases, email addresses, domains, space, and transfer - and we believe that you'll be sufficiently impressed with PureService Hosting to continue your growth with us.

Our Community: Our success stems from exemplary support, backed by a daily presence on PureService Hosting Sites, our community web forum. At PureService Hosting, we interact with clients every day - it's a great place to learn, explore, gain support and develop trust. With trust in PureService Hosting came success, because there's nothing more powerful than word of mouth advertising in web hosting!

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